Visual noise in the home: what it is and how to reduce it

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When buying a new house or giving your house a makeover, the goal for most people is to live in a pleasant and comfortable home. Nevertheless, we often forget about a factor that can significantly affect our well-being: visual noise. Unwanted visual interference can negatively affect the aesthetics and relaxed vibe. Discover how to turn your home into a visually relaxing space by learning how to minimise visual noise in the home.

What is visual noise?

Visual noise, that’s often overlooked, can have a significant impact on the aesthetics and relaxed vibe of our living spaces. It’s unwanted visual interference, made up of things that distract attention and create a sense of clutter. Detecting and getting rid of visual noise is the key to creating welcoming and visually-pleasing spaces in the home.

How to get rid of visual noise in the home?

Being aware of visual noise is the first step on the road towards solving it, but how can you get rid of it in your home? Decluttering calls for specific strategies in each area of the home. One of them is learning how to spread things out to optimise the space, in bedrooms and communal areas alike. Good organisation is the key to getting rid of visual noise in the kitchen. You can reduce clutter by tidying up utensils and accessories, and using organisers and shelves. What’s more, a consistent colour palette as well as using appliances contribute to a more balanced aesthetic while cutting down on visual noise.

Choosing the right furniture in the living room plays a key role. Go for pieces that fit the space and provide storage to keep clutter out of the way. Adding furniture with concealed storage or putting up curtains or blinds that go well with the overall colour palette are effective strategies to minimise visual noise.

How to get rid of visual noise in the kitchen?

Getting rid of visual noise in the kitchen calls for a conscious approach to décor. Minimalism is a wonderful philosophy, prioritising quality over quantity, which helps to establish order. These tips will help you to create a serene environment:

  • Effective organisation: declutter kitchen utensils and accessories, keeping only the essentials visible. Use organisers and shelves to group similar items together and get rid of the feeling of clutter. 
  • Coherent colour palette: go for a matching colour palette for kitchen décor. Try not to mix and mash too many colours by choosing shades that ooze a relaxing vibe.
  • Built-in appliances: give some thought to camouflaging them with cabinets for a more uniform look and to cut down on visual noise in the kitchen.

How to get rid of visual noise in the living room?

The living room is where people spend most of their time, so the key lies in making the most of the space. Check out these tips on how to prevent visual noise in the living room and create a beautiful aesthetic:

  • Choose the right furniture: go for pieces that fit the space and come with storage space to get rid of clutter. Try pieces that follow a consistent decorative style; but don’t overdo it with too many decorative elements.
  • Concealed storage: use furniture with concealed storage space to keep non-aesthetic belongings out of sight. Put up closed shelves to show decorative objects without visually overloading the space and, in turn, creating visual noise.
  • Matching curtains and blinds: match curtains or blinds with the colour palette of the room for a more cohesive look. Try to stay away from overwhelming patterns and choose fabrics that complement the décor.

Tips on reducing visual noise with décor 

Minimising visual noise in the home might seem challenging, but you’ll achieve the vibe you’re looking for by following these simple tips. Too many decorative elements can generate visual noise, but décor will be your best ally to avoid this if you go about it the right way:

  • Minimalism: a minimalist approach is the best way to cut through the visual noise without having to hold back on décor. Remember, quality over quantity. Fewer visible objects create a more serene vibe.
  • Neutral colours: use neutral colours on walls and key elements to maintain a relaxing backdrop. Soft colours provide a sense of visual calm.
  • Strategic lighting: use focal lighting to highlight specific areas and draw attention away from unwanted elements. Indirect lighting can play a part in creating a relaxing vibe while cutting down on visual noise.
  • Balanced art and décor: spread paintings and decorative elements evenly throughout the space. Try not to overdo things and opt for pieces that complement each other.
  • Consistent style: maintain a consistent decorative style all over the home for a smooth transition between spaces. Being consistent with materials and colours reduces the sensation of visual noise.
  • Plants and natural elements: to add a touch of freshness and vitality without creating visual clutter. Plants can also take on the role of attractive focal points. Placing them strategically and consciously will be the key to preventing visual noise in the home. 

With these tips on how to get rid of visual noise, you’ll not only be making your home look better, you’ll also be creating a more peaceful and welcoming vibe. By applying area-specific strategies, you can get rid of visual noise from the kitchen, living room and other rooms, turning your home into an aesthetically pleasing and tidy one. These tips will give you all the tools you need to create an environment that gets your style across while fostering a sense of well-being.

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