Living in Viladecans: best neighbourhoods

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Vivir en Viladecans

Are you looking for neighbourhoods in Viladecans to live in? Viladecans, part of the Baix Llobregat region of Barcelona, is 18 kilometres from the capital of Catalonia. It has a wide range of services and leisure and entertainment options for an excellent quality of life What’s more, this Catalan city is very well connected with Barcelona, in case you have to commute.

Characteristics of Viladecans: Quality of life and public transport

The best thing about living in any of Viladecans’ neighbourhoods is that Barcelona is just a stone’s throw away. Catalonia has a fairly extensive and efficient public transport network. However, you can also drive to work or to your children’s school if they’re in the city. 

Viladecans is only 18 kilometres from Barcelona. You’ll still be able to enjoy the comforts of a big city like Barcelona, but somewhere much more relaxed. Viladecans is a town that has grown demographically in recent years and is now home to more than 66,000 people (it’s the fourth most populated municipality in Baix Llobregat). 

Viladecans offers a high quality of life. Not to mention that it has all the essential services you could need. It has an extensive historical-artistic heritage for cultural outings with your family or as a couple. It also has no shortage of natural spaces, shops, restaurants, bars and newly created companies that are popping up in Viladecans.

Transport in Viladecans

Viladecans has city and inter-city buses if you want to move around the town and other areas. It also has suburban train services and inter-city lines that connect with Barcelona. And the best thing? It also runs night services. 

For seasoned travellers, Viladecans is only seven kilometres from El Prat airport

What are the advantages of living in Viladecans?

Why should you look for a house in Viladecans? Firstly, you’ll be a stone’s throw from Barcelona, a city with extensive infrastructure and communications. You’ll live in a really relaxed place without having to give up all the comforts of a big city such as Barcelona, which is very well connected to other European and world capitals.

On the other hand, as Viladecans is part of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, residents can avail of wide range of services, markets, shopping centres, schools and universities; but there are also industrial estates and companies, not to mention hospitals. Viladecans is important for Barcelona because, as we’ve already mentioned, an increasing number of companies have decided to establish themselves here. 

Viladecans continues to offer its residents an extensive range of leisure and entertainment areas. But as well as restaurants, bars, shopping centres and parks, this city also has miles of beaches, perfect for a day out in the sun. If the beach is not up your street, you’ve got the Montbaig mountain range or the mountain of San Ramón, which has a hermitage at the top. The natural areas of Baix de Llobregat and the Remolar-Filipinas natural area are also worth a visit: two must-dos if you live in Viladecans.

Advantages of living in Viladecans

Last but not least, within the cultural and historical heritage of Viladecans, it’s worth highlighting that it has numerous modernist-style houses, towers that were once medieval mansions and quite a few museums and churches to visit. 

What are the best neighbourhoods in Viladecans to live in?

Looking to know where to look for a house in this Catalan city? Take note of the best neighbourhoods in Viladecans to find your dream home. 

  • Barri Antic-Centre. This is one of the city’s stand-out areas as it has several tourist spots and the train station. This neighbourhood has a wide range of restaurants, cafés, bars, shops and shopping centres, not to mention parks. 
  • Torrent Ballester. This neighbourhood is a stone’s throw from the Antic-Centre of Viladecans and is very well connected with other neighbourhoods because it’s so close to the train station. This is home to Parc Torrent Ballester.
  • Barrio Salas Viladecans. It’s also known as Barri de Sales and is located near the Grup Sant Jordi neighbourhood and Parc d’Activitats Viladecans. This area is brimming with history: It’ll be 100 years old in 2023! This neighbourhood has kept its essence, while offering all the services needed for a comfortable life. 
  • Campreciós-Torre Roja. It’s somewhat out of the way from Viladecans’ old quarter, but it’s home to the Torre Roja park, one of the largest in the city and the surrounding municipalities. This quarter is also home to the Red Tower, an ancient medieval fortification. Like other Viladecans neighbourhoods, Campreciós-Torre Roja has a wide range of services such as chemist, supermarkets, and much more. 
Best neighbourhoods in Viladecans to live in
  • La Roureda. It isn’t far from a number of industrial estates and has supermarkets, pharmacies and schools. It’s a quiet area to live in; perfect for nature or mountain-based activities. 
  • Business Park. One of Viladecans’ newest neighbourhoods, it stands out from the other neighbourhoods which is down to the growing number of companies that have set up in the area. There’s no shortage of new-built apartments and offices.

Comparison with other cities

Live in the neighbourhoods of Viladecans or in Barcelona? Or in Castelldefels? The first thing you need to know is that Viladecans is synonymous with quality of life and excellent transport links. However, when it comes to housing costs, Viladecans is 30% cheaper than Barcelona. 

Viladecans and Castelldefels are only nine kilometres apart, but property prices in Castelldefels are higher than in Viladecans. 

So, Viladecans is worth thinking about if you’re looking to live in Catalonia, as it has great links to Barcelona, has a wide range of services and leisure areas and, most importantly, housing costs are lower than in Barcelona or Castelldefels.

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