Chill out terrace decoration: keys to a perfect decoration

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The arrival of the good weather is getting closer and closer and we are at the ideal time to start preparing our home for this time of year. Cleaning the pool, preparing the plants for the rising temperatures and creating a perfect chill out space on your terrace are some of the trends to take into account this season.

Whether it’s a garden or a chill out terrace, any outdoor space is perfect for creating a corner where you can disconnect, alone or in company, and enjoy the good weather.

Designing such an area is simple: just follow the chill out terrace ideas below and start enjoying your perfect spot. 

Garden furniture: essential for your chill out terrace

Among the key pieces of any chill out area on a terrace is the furniture chosen to decorate it. Generally, low furniture is used, combining several comfortable seats with a central table.

Current trends base this decoration on the use of recycled elements, such as pallets. These, with minimal restoration, can be used as comfortable sofas and coffee tables. For the former, simply place a few cushions on the bottom and front to create a soft place to sit, while the table can be created simply by placing a piece of glass on top of a pair of stacked pallets.

It is essential to have something to protect from the sun. If your terrace does not have an awning, you can opt for a pergola or a parasol, depending on the space available.

And to complete the decoration, since it is a space that is intended to be the most welcoming and natural, nothing better than plants. It should be noted that to choose correctly, you must take into account the type of climate in which your home is located, since not all plants fit perfectly in all spaces.

H2: Textiles: perfect to give style to the chill out corner of your terrace

After having the main pieces to achieve a chill out decoration on your terrace, it’s time to add a unique touch through the decoration with textiles. Complete your sofas with cushions and a blanket in some corner so that it is always at hand the temperatures begin to drop with the arrival of the night.

Another decorative textile that can not miss on a chill out terrace is a tablecloth for the table.


Lighting: create a magical atmosphere in the chill out area of your terrace

This type of terrace space is perfect for enjoying warm sunny days, but also for evening plans such as dinner, board games or simply relaxing with a book or a film. Whatever the purpose, we will need another key piece in the decoration of a chill out terrace: the lighting.

To achieve a cozy environment you should opt for warm lights in terms of formats, the favorites for these spaces are lanterns and garlands. It can also be accompanied with a floor lamp for those plans that may require more light.

Chill out decoration on a small terrace with charm

Don’t worry if you have a small chill out terrace because there are also keys to decorate it, making the most of the available space.

You can also create a relaxation corner with a couple of pallets, making a corner sofa so as not to cut off any passage. In this case, you can place a smaller central table.

To protect the walls from the sun, nothing better than a few garlands.

To protect from the sun, an umbrella that open can cover all the desired space but when closed, will only occupy a small place in the chill out terrace of your home.

You can also place certain decorative elements without using too much space, opting for example, if you have walls, hanging pots for your plants.

However, the most important thing to make the most of the space on a small terrace is that it is always well collected and clean, so that it can visually appear larger.


Additional decorating tips for an ideal chill out terrace

Once you have acquired your dream home with a terrace, the most important thing before you start creating a chill out terrace is to choose the decorating style you like the most. In addition, you should also think about what your interests are, since you can create a perfect space to disconnect and enjoy your hobbies. If you like music, you can place an audio system; if you are more into movies or series, you can get a projector for the wall of the terrace; if you like plants, create a small garden in this space; and if you like reading, bet on the comfort of a perfect corner for it.

Whatever type of chill out terrace you create, the key is to adapt it to your tastes and needs.

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