Living room decor: ideas to make the most of the space

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If you’re looking to decorate a living room, there’s a few basic things that’ll add a touch of originality and style. It all depends on the size, furniture and how it’s to be used.

Some living rooms are bigger, smaller, more elegant, brighter, darker… To sum up, the goal is to make the most of what you have with a decor that matches the vibe you’re going for. 

How to make your living room look bigger?

If you’ve got a small living room, there’s a way to make it look bigger, in other words, more spacious. How do you do it? Take note of these simple tips with ideas on how to decorate your living room:

  • Use big pieces of furniture because, if you go for small furniture, the living room will look smaller. 
  • If you’re going to change the tile flooring or designs, go for big ones. If you go for small designs, the same thing happens with the furniture; the living room will look smaller. Choose the right colours and remember that sometimes less is more.
  • Another handy tip is to have some custom-made furniture; all in the same colour as the wall. Using the same colour in the living room adds a spacious and bright vibe.
  • Don’t use high furniture so they don’t block the windows. Sunlight will make the living room look bigger. And of course, light makes it even more pleasant.
  • The living/dining room décor should be in keeping with the space. If it’s small, don’t fill it up with too many things. An elegant table with no frills. What you can do is look for vibrant furniture with modern cut designs that ooze style.
  • Split the space into different zones: one could be a uni-colour sofa in front of the TV (on top of a multi-purpose cabinet, where you can store things underneath). It’s also a good idea to have somewhere to store smaller things, such as books and magazines.
  • For example, an open-frame armchair saves space and adds a touch of originality, while a small square glass table adds the finishing touch to decorate the living room.

Be careful with the layout

To spruce up your living room the first thing you should do is come up with the layout. Some of the most important are:

  • Start with the big pieces: start off with the sofa, TV cabinet and coffee table. Make sure you take into account the sizes of each piece of furniture. What’s more, take a good look at where windows and doors are to make sure they’re accessible with nothing getting in their way. This is also to allow air to circulate properly.
  • Once the larger pieces are in place, start focusing on the details, such as decorating the TV wall in the living room, among other ideas: if you’re a bookworm, a collector, music or photography lover. There needs to be space for all these things with the right furniture. Simple, single-colour elements tend to look good and go with almost anything.
  • Draw up a list of what you’ve got and how you’d like to keep things organised. Go out and buy anything you might be missing. This’ll help you to only buy what you really need. You won’t be making things up as you go along, which is very important when decorating a living room.

Don’t hold back on colour

Although a single colour can make the room look more spacious, painting a single wall in a different colour adds a more bespoke touch to your room.

Blue, for example, adds a refreshing and relaxing touch; the same goes for light green or yellow, that oozes energy. Stay away from dark colours.

A mirror, the key to any decor

Another trick if you’re looking to make your living room look bigger is to hang a mirror. If you hang it above the fireplace but there’s still room left on the wall, it’ll make the room look bigger. They’re all the rage these days, with no shortage of amazing ones. There’s always space for a mirror! We recommend putting up just one instead of lots of smaller ones.

Another great touch is hanging photos on walls. Leave a mural or space for these or for some pictures. They will give an original and very personal touch to your home.

Really chic wallpaper for your living room

Using different types of wallpaper on walls adds a chic touch to your living room. It won’t break the bank and you can change it whenever you want. Make sure you choose the right textures and colours, so it doesn’t make your room look darker or smaller.

Decorate living rooms with a chimney

Fireplaces are a key part of any home that, if well looked-after, can ooze style. There are classic, open, rustic and modern styles. However, the key to decorating a living room and making the most of the space is straightforward: try to make it go with the furniture. If it matches the colours and textures, the fireplace will become another part of the decoration.

Decorate living rooms with a chimney

Remember that every part of your home deserves to be well-decorated. You can achieve amazing things with a little time and creativity. Whether it’s a living room, kitchen, bedrooms or bathrooms, your home can have the modern and comfortable touch that you’ve always wanted.

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