Which are the best schools Madrid?

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The Community of Madrid has more than 3,200 educational institutions. Of these, 1,600 are public and 1651 are private and/or state-subsidised. Thus, it could be said that there is quite an equal balance between public and private education. Today, we’re going to find out about the best schools to attend in Madrid.

This number of educational institutions means that the Community of Madrid currently has more than one million students, 54% of which are enrolled in public education and 46% of which are enrolled in private education. Given the large number of schools in Madrid, it’s tricky to categorise them in this way. However, we will try to include those with a good reputation in the capital for a variety of reasons.

The best schools in Madrid

In Madrid and the surrounding areas, there are a large number of public, private and state-subsidised schools of an extremely high academic standard. Whether it’s because of their educational excellence, their work methods or their facilities, they are often among the highest in school rankings.

SEK International School – El Castillo

Located in the north of the capital, in the Ciudalcampo area, this is one of the best private schools in Madrid. It offers Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate education and currently has more than 1,280 students and 150 teachers. Additionally, it has boarding dormitories for both girls and boys on campus.

Thanks to its very own educational model, the SEK Future Learning Model, this institution has become a benchmark among the very finest educational facilities. All SEK institutions have English-speaking teachers so that students enjoy a bilingual education from as early on as nursery school.

Liceo Europeo

Located in the La Moraleja neighbourhood in Alcobendas, this school has a 40-year history and is well-renowned both nationally and internationally. It is a private school with a prominent international profile, where more than 1,300 students between the ages of 1-18 study.

The wide variety of courses offered to students and the different approved International Baccalaureate programmes have made it one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the Community of Madrid.

Colegio Tajamar

When discussing the best state-subsidised schools in Madrid, Tajamar is undoubtedly one of them. It is an English bilingual institution that offers Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate education, as well as Vocational Training. It is one of the 170 schools in Spain with a differentiated education.

It is one of the pioneering educational institutions when it comes to the application of technology and new teaching methods in the classroom. In fact, its programme using active learning techniques is one of the most comprehensive in the Community of Madrid.

Colegio Fernando de los Ríos

Located in Alcorcón, it is one of the best public schools in Madrid. It is secular and mixed, and offers Nursery and Primary education for all levels. Its educational model, based on active learning techniques, is also one of the most comprehensive in the Community.

Its facilities and its catering, educational psychology and speech therapy services, as well as extracurricular activities are among the reasons for which parents enrol their kids in this educational institution.

Colegio Cortes de Cádiz

Another one of the best schools in Madrid is Cortes de Cádiz. It’s a public school that provides Nursery and Primary Education, found in the Hortaleza district. It offers its students a wide variety of extracurricular activities. An institution with both an innovative technology programme in the classrooms and a canteen. It is without a doubt, one of the best rated public schools in Madrid, and it was only established 11 years ago.

Colegio San Patricio

Founded more than 60 years ago, Colegio San Patricio is one of the best private schools in Madrid. It is actually a private school with three educational institutions in the northern area of the capital. It offers Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate education.

The main pillars of this institution are multilingualism, emotional education, an international profile and talent development. In addition to English, children can also learn German and French from the age of 3.So, these are some of the best schools in Madrid. Public, private and state-subsidised educational institutions characterised by a high level of academic excellence and which have all sorts of resources for parents and students. Every year, most of them are included among the best school rankings, not only in the capital, but also across Spain.

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