Ethnic decoration: tips to apply the ethnic style in your home

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Among the many decorative trends that we can find today, one of the most remarkable is the ethnic style, which combines multiple materials, colors and patterns to make us feel like on a trip around the world without leaving home.

Next, we are going to know the details to achieve a perfect ethnic decoration. Won’t you join us?

What is ethnic style decoration?

But before knowing the keys to flood our home with style, it is necessary to define what we are talking about when we mention ethnic decoration. This style is based on the combination of all kinds of decorative elements that come from different cultures. In this way, a fusion of pieces from different continents is achieved in the same space.

Entre los objetos decorativos étnicos encontramos una serie de características comunes que nos ayudan a catalogarlos dentro de este estilo. Las principales características de la decoración de estilo étnico son las que se indican a continuación.

Characteristics of ethnic decoration

Among the ethnic decorative objects we find a series of common characteristics that help us to classify them within this style. The main characteristics of ethnic style decoration are those listed below.

Earth colors

The quintessential tones of this style are, without a doubt, earth colors, mainly browns although we can see other shades such as reds, greens or blues.

Geometric prints

One of the main qualities that comes to mind when we talk about ethnic style decoration are the traditional African prints which, in addition to being characterized by their bright colors, are made based on geometric shapes.

Handmade materials

Of course, handmade decorative elements are part of the ethnic decoration of the living room or any other room. In this sense, we can find from lamps and other decorative pieces to textile decoration.

Natural elements

The use of natural materials is a classic in ethnic decoration. Among the most used natural fibers in decoration we can highlight bamboo, raffia, rattan or wicker.

Similarly, the incorporation of plants in the decoration of a room can also be considered, depending on the combination with other elements, within this style, as they can allude to exotic places.


Tapestries and fabrics

We must pay special attention to the elements made of fabrics, from curtains and carpets to the upholstery of sofas and bedspreads if it is the ethnic decoration of the bedroom.

As mentioned above, these fabrics are not only made from natural fibers, usually, but are dyed with colorful and geometric prints.

Tapestries are also a clear example of ethnic decoration, which are usually placed to bring color and distinction to the walls.

Ethnic style cushions

And we can not forget, in addition to other textiles already mentioned, ethnic cushions. These can be used both in an ethnic style living room, bringing a touch of color to the sofa, or crowning a bed in an ethnic style bedroom.

Whatever their location, the key is to have cushions made of wool, leather or fringed, among other examples.

Ethnic decorative objects

Nor can we talk about this decorative style without mentioning ethnic wall decoration. In addition to the main elements mentioned above, some key pieces that can cover the walls of any room are the classic African masks, dishes from distant lands or the aforementioned tapestries.

Also noteworthy among ethnic decorative objects are sculptures from other cultures.

Ethnic decoration ideas for your living room

As mentioned above, we can get a perfect ethnic style living room merging a patterned carpet with a sofa with brown upholstery made from natural fibers and multiple cushions of different patterns and colors.

And to top it off, other small ethnic touches with a bamboo lamp, a sculpture in a corner and some hanging masks.

In addition, if you dare to make a small and simple work you can get a perfect ethnic style living room with moldings creating a wall with shelves made as holes, as if they were dug into it. These would become the ideal place to place all the ethnic decorative details.


Tips to achieve an ethnic decoration in your bedroom

And if what we are looking for is an ethnic decoration in the bedroom, you can’t miss a printed tapestry on the main wall, as a headboard, two small raffia rugs on both sides of the bed, a bedspread and some ethnic style cushions and a wicker screen to divide two environments within the same room in ethnic style. It also fits perfectly with the style a leather puff as a decorative seat.

You already know that, if you are looking for how to decorate your new house, ethnic decoration is certainly a style to consider.

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