How to decorate the reading nook of your home?

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Reading lovers tend to be, on many occasions, people of habit, not only in terms of the literary genre that most attracts them, but also in terms of reading habits. And the fact is that, although they can read in different spaces, such as the bed, the sofa, a park bench, at the beach or pool or even on public transport; it is always more appropriate to have a space that is enabled for this hobby because there are a number of key features that make it easier to immerse yourself in the story.

That’s why if you like to read, you’ll surely love to have a reading nook with everything you need to disconnect from the world and immerse yourself in your book. A comfortable sofa or armchair, a direct entry of natural light and a correct artificial lighting, a support element nearby, such as a piece of furniture or a small table, in addition to a careful decoration, are key elements for the reading area to be perfect.Here are some tips on how to decorate a reading corner and create a perfect atmosphere in the different spaces of a house.

Reading corner in the living room

It is most common to have a reading nook in the living room as it is one of the largest rooms in any home and offers the possibility of adapting the decoration of this space to create a perfect reading corner.

If you have a library-like area in your living room, with a bookcase, this could be the perfect place for reading and you would only have to modify some decorative elements to make this the perfect space for reading.

If you take into account all the factors listed above, you can find an ideal alternative to create a reading nook in the living room, using the interior window sill to design a seat that goes from side to side of the window and is full of cushions

It can also be accompanied with a side table on one of the sides, which will also be placed a lamp for when it gets dark and artificial light is needed to continue reading.


Reading nook in the bedroom

Some people also prefer to create the reading nook in the bedroom, because if you live with other people this space is more intimate and no one will distract your attention from your book.

Create a reading corner in the bedroom is something extremely simple that, in general, this room usually has the elements just need to know how to distribute them to get the right space to read.Unlike the living room, where you can also get a reading nook with a sofa, the most in a bedroom is to opt for an armchair as space is somewhat more limited. Again, this place should be surrounded by other key elements for the decoration of a reading area, such as a small table, a lamp and, if possible, that the window is nearby.

Children’s reading nook

If you want the little ones in the house to make reading their passion, there is nothing better than creating a children’s reading nook. You can do it in their own room or opt for another room that is used for other purposes such as, for example, an office. Place children’s decorations in this room in your home and create a perfect reading corner for children.

This is something that goes beyond the merely decorative, as having a children’s reading corner helps them concentrate more easily on what they are doing, improving their comprehension skills and encouraging their imagination.

In the case of these areas for the little ones, instead of having a seat, a corner at ground level covered by a blanket or canvas and full of cushions is usually chosen to provide more comfort.

It is recommended that books are within easy reach. This can be done by placing a small bookshelf in the room.A garland of lights on the wall can be the necessary focus for when natural light is not available.


Decorating tips for your reading corner at home

In addition to the previously indicated for the different spaces, it is worth noting that there are other decorating tips that should be taken into account for the creation of a perfect reading area.

First of all, the style must be cohesive with the rest of the house. It should have decorative elements but it does not have to be overloaded, as there is a risk of losing concentration.

In addition, it should always be fully retracted, so that the reading can be enjoyed without any external disturbance.You can also create a reading room if you have enough space in your home, or look for a new house that can offer this option.

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